A downloadable Don'tChoke for Windows

Don't Choke is a challenging yet simplistic Rhythm Game that simulates the experience of maintaining a steady heart-rate and reducing your anxiety before high pressure sporting competition.

  • Button game      (Up to 3 buttons on harder difficulties)
  • Easy to pick up
  • Challenging experience

This project was inspired by the anxiety I felt leading up to 100m and 200m sprinting events in the past, even though I'm normally quite an adrenaline junky in nature.

My main goal with Don't Choke was to simulate the experience of consciously trying to control your breathing and heart-rate while also shedding light on the difficulty of the lead up to big events, opposed to the actual event itself.


  • 'Crypt of the NecroDancer'
  • 'QSAC Queensland athletics centre'
  • 'OSU'

Created by Jakob Houghton

Install instructions

  • Download the ZIP folder
  • Extract the folder to your desktop (or any file you like)
  • Open the Don't Choke.exe file


Don't Choke 32 MB

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